Shabby Chic Boutique carries clothing for women that want the latest styles, comfortable fit and reasonable prices for all sizes and ages. New merchandise arrives daily, providing customers with fresh wardrobe options that range from trendy to timeless looks.

With a focus on personal styling for each customer, Shabby Chic Stylist have the ability to pull together outfit combinations that accentuate your best features and camouflage any problem areas. There is no need to sort through racks of clothing trying to determine what goes together. Our Stylist takes care of all of that for you, pulling together complete head -to-toe looks with absolutely no pressure.

Shabby Chic Personal Stylist makes every customer feel completely relaxed and at ease through the entire process. You can even call ahead and our stylist will have outfits waiting in a fitting room for you when you arrive. Our goal is to make it easy for customers. Our team fully recognizes that most women have busy schedules and she works to make sure you’re in and out of the store with the perfect outfit quickly so you can get back to other priorities in your life.

Shabby Chic also offers an online personalized wish list service. Shabby Chic Stylist will take pictures of you in your favorite outfits so that your wishlist has not only the items you want, but a visual reminder of how great that dress looked on you and why you must have it! This wish list is perfect for your own shopping list or to share with significant others for the perfect gift option.

Owner Christina’s Story

Christina Christopher’s style and fashion sense can be directly attributed to her late mother. A teacher with a love of fashion, she instilled her bold sense of style and passion for finding the best bargains into her daughter at a young age.

Christina went on to work for Nordstrom’s as a Personal Stylist Regional Manager for 27 stores in the Northeast and Capital Region, building a successful career in the fashion industry. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, Christina decided she wanted to do something that allowed her to be with her mother during her treatment and recovery. She recalled that her mother had opened her first store selling home décor at the age of 28. Following in her mother’s footsteps Christina decided, also at the age of 28, to open Country Shabby Chic, focusing on furniture that she refinished by hand and other home goods. She added classes to the schedule, teaching others to do simple home DIY projects found on Pinterest. The classes quickly became the most popular part of her business and continue today. They have expanded into corporate events, bridal parties and birthday parties for all ages.

In December 2014, Christina added a small line of clothing to Country Shabby Chic’s offerings. It did so well that she began adding more clothing to her inventory. When the opportunity to move to a new location on Patrick Street opened up, she knew it was time to make the switch to becoming a clothing boutique and studio. Dropping the name “Country,” in October 2015, Christina opened Shabby Chic Boutique and Creative Studios.