Create A Vision Journal


Journal Class
Create Your Vision Journal

Everything you want to manifest in your life begins with a vision. Join this fun and inspiring class and use this space to get clear about your vision for the next 12 months. You’ll then have fun using your unique creativity to make a vision board within your journal. Regardless of what you want to create in your life, this Vision Journal Class will inspire you to get started.

Coach Jeanette Eleff will share her best strategies for how to use your journal and put actions in place to make your vision come true. This class is so much more than cutting and pasting – but you will do a lot of that too!

In addition, Jeanette includes follow-up sessions and a special Facebook group to help you stay on track with using your personalized journal and creating your best and happy life!
Materials are included, but please bring scissors and magazines if you wish.

And, bring wine and snacks if you wish!

Buy you ticket today before class is full online: